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Mitsubishi Xpander GLS , 2020 new car for sale in Myanmar.

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current price = 26,700 Usd


1.5 Liters Engine

Auto transmission (gear)

Front-Wheel Drive (FWD)

7 seaters (number of seats)

Yangon License

left steering

New Car

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Extra Information , Specifications

  • Maximum speed 160 km/h
  • 4 AT Transmission
  • 1.5 Engine Litre 16-Valve Inine-4 DOHC MIVEC
  • Fuel Type  = Unleaded Gasoline / RON 90 & Over
  • Fuel Tank Capacity =  45 Liters
  • Front & Rear Tires =  205 / 55R16 16 inch alloy wheel
  • Wheels =  18 x 7.0J Alloy
  • Spare Tire =  205/ 55R16
  • Brakes = (Front)Ventilated Discs, (Rear) Drum


Anti-Lock Braking System allows steering control and adjust wheels rotation during emergency braking.


Active Stability Control is a supplementary to Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). It reduces wheel slips during accelerating from stop or slow speed.


Alloy wheels are made generally from aluminium. They are lighter than steel wheels therefore optimizes car speed and performance.


Anti-thief system prevents the car from being stolen by shutting down the engine, disabling steering wheels, or wheels.

Cruise Control

Cruise control keeps the car going at the speed the driver sets so the driver does not need to press the accelerator.


Electronic Brake Force Distribution adjusts brakes pressure based on road conditions and vehicle speed.

Fuel Tank Capacity

It is the amount of fuel the fuel tank can store.

Fuel Type

Fuel Type , different types of fuel(compressed natural gas (CNG), fuel, diesel or etc) that supply power to car.


Grille is the front part of car body between headlamps to allow air flow.


Hill Start Assist Control Sets a require brake pressure before accelerating forward especially during going up the hill.


Hill Descent Control adjusts car speed and braking pressure in conjunction with anti lock braking system to reduce car slips during downhill without the driver input.


HeadLamps can also be called headlights. Those are light illuminating devices at the front car body.

Paddle Shift

Paddle shifter allows changing of gears quickly. Typically located near or mounted on steering wheel.

Park assist

Park assists are sensors in the wheels alert driver of nearby objects.

Power Steering

Power steering system can be powered by electric or hydraulic for better steering with ease. Electric provides better fuel efficiency.


Engine Ps is the engine measurement where 1 PS equals single horsepower.

Push Start

It turns the car engine on or off by simply pushing the button while pressing on brake.

Restraint System

Restraint System provides safety , to prevent or reduce injury for passengers/driver. For child restrain system, it is a safety seat primarily made for children.

SRS airbags ,airbags

Secondary Restraint System airbags (addition to seat belts) are built into vehicles for more safety.


'Transmission' is another name for 'gearbox'. It changes the car engine power.


Vehicle Stability Control Also known as 'Electronic Stability Control (ESC)', stabilizes the vehicle and maintains its position from skidding off during sudden curve turns or steering off.


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Mitsubishi Motors Myanmar

  • Name = Mitsubishi Motors Myanmar

  • Company(s) / Business= Mitsubishi Motors Myanmar

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  • phone(s) = +95 9 260902943 ,  01-530174 , 01-514522

  • Address = 1 A/2, Corner of Bayint Naung Road & Ywarma Kyaung Road, Hlaing Township, Yangon.